Digital co-design

Our method? It’s digital-inspired
We approach every project with a mindset that is inspired to the ever-changing digital world - i.e. continuously improving, developing and researching.
To make it simple: we set our goals, we measure the result, we analyze the processes… we get better over time!
This method is always applied, no matter the magnitude of the project. We firmly believe it does work, and numbers - in the end - prove us right.

The method of Palazzina Creativa
The method of Palazzina Creativa
The method of Palazzina Creativa


You read it right: ours is a hands-on approach involving you from start to finish. In a nutshell? Co-design. In practice? We take a seat at the same table, we share all ideas coming from different people, perspectives, and job areas and finally outline a common vision.

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A virtuous circle

Analysis, strategy, execution… and repeat.
Even apparent perfection can’t stop us, as anything can evolve and advance.
That’s why we heavily rely on cycles of continuous improvement.

Let’s get real

How do we actually carry out our projects?

What happens inside a communication and marketing agency? We’ll explain inside our not-so-secret diary. Here are insights into marketing, the digital world, design, developing, communication and branding. And then we’ll tell you about our adventures, it’s still a diary, after all.


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When we develop a project, we like to do it in good company. We introduce ever-new technology and tools with the help of reference players in the sector.